Personal Life Coach

Personal Life Coach

Hiring a Personal Life Coach

When I say I’m a personal life coach to people outside of my tribe I either get vacant stares or groans.  So what?  That’s right – and that’s the point – being a life coach is not something open ended and for general consumption.  Instead – it’s a laser point niche specific position where you cater for a small tribe who get exactly whDevelop your skills with online trainingere you are coming from.

It wasn’t so long ago the term “coach” referred to the person encouraging you to run faster or swim or row more efficiently.

Today if someone says, “I’m working with a coach,” they’ve likely hired someone to help them facilitate change and reach their goals.

As a certified coach myself and someone who has been coached, I can attest to the powerful, life changing benefits of coaching. Whatever you want to achieve, coaching will help you real your goals faster, with more clarity and confidence.

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Specifically, that means having spoken out loud targets or goals as well as spoken out loud means of getting there.  It also means bringing real world change into your daily routine with a view to making it a permanent lifestyle re-alignment.

Spiritually, life coaching means engaging with the law of attraction and appreciating that energy is the basis of all matter.  In fact, energy is all that matters.  When you focus your energy on specific targets and goals with the routine efficiency

If you have toyed with the idea of becoming a coach, you’re considering a profession that truly changes lives for the better. Whether you work with individuals or in a business setting, you’ll help people become more capable and resourceful and enjoy more satisfaction in all areas of their lives.

The profession of coaching has grown dramatically in the last ten years and has gained more popular acceptance as the industry has exploded. The International Coach Federation, the main accrediting and credentialing body for both training programs and coaches, estimated in its 2012 Global Coaching Study that there were 47,500 coaches worldwide, with a third of those in the U.S.

So what does it take to become a coach? Let’s start with some essential qualities that make for a good coach. These include:

  • A desire to help people
  • A sense of caring and a deep curiosity about people
  • A high level of self-awareness
  • Strong personal standards, trustworthiness, and integrity
  • Strong emotional intelligence
  • A high level of empathy and intuition
  • An interest in on-going personal growth

Why have I hired a personal life coach?

In the last 5 years, I’ve worked with two paid professional Life Coaches. I hired the first coach because I had lost focus in business and realised the passion had shifted to a new area.  I wanted advice with business tips and strategy.  What I got was a wake up call – an invitation – and it set me on the path I am walking now.

The second coach I hired a couple of years later, once I had already built my initial web site and gained more professional coaching experience. This time, I wanted to work with someone who could help me further develop my business but also work with me on my own personal development.  Mainly, getting the out of my own way, and discovering ways to increase my confidence, as well as self belief and spiritual development.

What has hiring a personal life coach done for me?

Each time I work with a coach I get almost instant, transformational breakthroughs.  I start to cry or I can’t sleep for days afterwards – like a light has been switched on and my path is even clearer for road ahead.  It truly is spiritual.

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My personal coach helped me to collapse and release old limiting beliefs.  To surrender to my own version of spirituality and embrace my gifts and strengths in my own life, as well as with clients.  In one word, life coaching gave me more confidence.

Find a Personal Life Coach?

If you’re quite comfortable right now it could be a sign that you are actually stuck – just so stuck you don’t even know it.

Whatever your current life situation, you may benefit from hiring a Life Coach because we are highly trained (and caring) professionals in helping you figure all of it out. Professional personal life coaching addresses specific personal goals or projects, business successes, general conditions and transitions in the your personal life, relationships or profession by examining what is going on right now, discovering what your obstacles or challenges might be, and choosing a course of action to make your life be what you want it to be.

Life Coaching is about what’s happening now and making everything just right so it can be even better as the future unfolds.  We let go of the past – we heal and move on.

Determine your niche or specialty.

Before you sign on the dotted line with a personal life coach, consider the niche or specialty you’d like to focus on with your coach. Rather than simply calling yourself a life coach or business coach, consider refining your area of coaching to attract a specific group of clients.

Every single field has competition, and that includes coaching. One of the best ways to distinguish yourself as a coach and demonstrate your value is to specialize in a focused niche.

Working within a niche lets you provide more value to your clients because you’ve honed your expertise in an area especially relevant to them. Also you limit the competition you face when you are a specialist rather than a generalist.

Many coaching schools have entire programs or a series of classes specifically focused on a niche. That’s why it’s helpful to have an idea of your chosen niche before you select your training program.

Personal Life Coaching

However, if you don’t know your niche right now, that’s perfectly fine. Select a training program that gives you a strong, general coaching curriculum. If you decide to get specific niche training later on, you can always do that.

Here are some possible coaching niches to consider:

  • businessYoga2Life Free Coaching Class
  • small business
  • entrepreneur
  • marketing
  • public speaking
  • personal image
  • public relations
  • writing
  • real estate
  • career
  • career transition
  • life passion
  • interview/job search
  • retirement
  • executive
  • corporate
  • management
  • sales
  • dating
  • marriage
  • divorce
  • parenting
  • aging parents/eldercare
  • grief
  • assertiveness
  • academic
  • admissions for collegeBecome a Coach Online
  • teen or college student direction (or other age groups)
  • spiritual
  • inner peace
  • meditation
  • transformational
  • life-work balance
  • personal development
  • intuitive
  • religion (Christian, Jewish, etc.)
  • mid-life crisis
  • extreme self-care
  • organization/declutter
  • time management
  • financial management
  • stress management/relief
  • life skills
  • productivity
  • success
  • performance
  • motivation
  • goal setting and achievement
  • health
  • wellness
  • fitness
  • holistic
  • raw, vegan, or vegetarian
  • addiction
  • weight loss
  • eating disorders


Choosing a personal life coach is not a big decision.

Go ahead and work with one today for a project and see how you go.  Then perhaps work with another different coach.  The different styles and approaches will influence how well you perceive the efficacy of a personal life coach.  One thing can’t be denied – we need to connect with our tribe in a positive and growth oriented fashion – and personal life coaching is getting that right in 2016.